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The affiliate program is structured in 5 levels. You will receive a commission once one of your recruited purchase contracts on our platform. The 5 levels differ in the percentage of commission you earn. You will receive the following amounts from the contracts your referral makes: At the 1st level, you will receive a commission of 10% of the invested sum, at the 2nd level 5% and on the 3rd level 3%.

1st level 10% commission.

2nd level 5% comission.

3rd level 3% comission.

4th level 2% comission.

5th level 1% comission.

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What are the opportunities to advertise?

Login to your accouint, Navigate to the left user panel and go to "Affiliate section" tab. There you can find banners of various size. These banners may be used for your blog, forum, or profile picture or you can even promote in crypto advertising platform. So that nothing can go wrong, a few more hints and examples, like these Optimal use of materials:

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